Politics of Big Data

King's College London, May 8th 2015

Confirmed conference speakers

Speakers Bernhard Rieder (University of Amsterdam) Jennifer Gibson (Reprieve) Paolo Gerbaudo (King’s College London) Btihaj Ajana (King’s College London) Daniel Trottier (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Christopher Till (Leeds Beckett University) Barbara Prainsack (King’s College London) David Barnard-Wills (Trilateral Research) Dhiraj Murty (Goldsmiths) Dan Mercea (City University London) Martin Moore (Media Standards Trust) Clare Birchall (King’s College London) Phoebe Moore (Middlesex University) Stefania Milan (University of Tilburg) Jonathan Gray (Royal Holloway/University of Amsterdam) Mark Coté.. Read More

Politics of Big Data – Conference Announcement

“Big Data” is a contested term describing the increasing pervasiveness of data generation, gathering and mining in our society. The unprecedented market success Facebook, Google, and related digital, media, and marketing corporations is predicated on Big Data. Furthermore, as demonstrated by the Snowden revelations on the NSA and GCHQ, Big Data also provides new means for mass surveillance. Yet, this is not the whole story. Data is a site of political struggle. Beyond.. Read More